Certification Offerings
Regional Certification Office

The Erie 1 BOCES Regional Certification Office provides assistance, and processes / evaluates the online applications of candidates for New York State Certification in most teaching titles, and for all teaching assistant, pupil personnel, and coaching titles.

Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:00.

While we are pleased to assist school personnel with certification, please remember that 
your certification is your responsibility

Be sure that you know when your current certification expires, and what is required to achieve and maintain the next level of certification. Your current / potential employment in the New York State Public Schools requires that you hold valid NYS Certification!

As noted above, Erie 1 BOCES now processes all levels of Teaching Assistant (TA) Certification. It is possible to apply for a Level I Teaching Assistant Certification, even if you do not yet have an offer of employment as a TA. Please contact our office for assistance.

Please be aware that if you choose Erie 1 BOCES as the processor of your application in TEACH, you will need to provide our office with the items that are required for processing as soon as possible. You will receive an e-mail from our office, telling you what you need to submit. Failure to do so in a timely manner will delay in the processing of your application, and may ultimately cause it to be assigned to NYSED for disapproval.


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